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failed virtual disk in eva4400


failed virtual disk in eva4400


i've recently inherited an eva4400 from someone who was assigned to another project.a virtual disk suddenly failed. As it turns out, this failed disk was used as File Library(a disk being treated as a tape) for backups. Backup team says it has been removed from DP.

Having failed, option under the Virtual disk will naturally be unavailable. So i checked out the option under Disk Group menu to delete the virtual disk, but it says the process is dangerous as it might endanger the whole diskgroup if the error is severe. Has anyone been in a similar predicament? :)

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: failed virtual disk in eva4400

One one vdisk failed? Was it in VRAID 0?
The message is because a vdisk failed means a hardware failure and you must be sure that you have identified the reason why that vdisk is failed and only it.