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fc2143 with msa2012fc connectivity problem


fc2143 with msa2012fc connectivity problem

Dear all,
I am using MSA2012fc (Series of MSA2000fc). I installed 2x AD167A(FC2143)in DL380 G4, also FC2143, MPIO and MSA2012fc SES drivers are installed.

Both FC card WWN are found in HP System Insight Management instead of printed on card.
WWN1: 20000000C969B466
WWN2: 20000000C969B9DE
I add new ports in msa2012fc. Added both ports give an error in Controller/Ports Colume "No Ports found"
I check the physical connectivity of fiber cable both are cabled with SAN switch.

I have two Questions...
Q1: Is this configuration is supported with MSA2012FC?
Q2: Kindly Advise for further configuration?

Finally i attached the SNAP SCREEN SHOT of Problems. See attached files.
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Re: fc2143 with msa2012fc connectivity problem

Have you checked zoning on san switch? Can you attach your zoning configuration?

Re: fc2143 with msa2012fc connectivity problem

Yes i checked the zoning. Zoning is correct.
Only i replace the Fiber Card PCI-E with PCI-X, not the port.
Problem is now solved.

In msa2012fc web management page i checked the host mapping area. In which i found that msa2012fc detect it WWPN instead of WWN.
Normally WWN is used. But that is first time which i experienced that WWPN is also used.

Sanaullah Shah