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how many san switch can cascade?

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how many san switch can cascade?


I have silkworm300 switch. I would like to add one more san switch to casecade the old switch.

I would like to know how many addition san switch can casecade?

Peter Mattei
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Re: how many san switch can cascade?

You can cascade up to 8 switches = 7 hops wit HP B-Series (Brocade) switches. The Silkworm 300 is called the HP 8/8 and the HP 8/24.
For details see the HP SAN design guide http://www.hp.com/go/sandesign
chapter 5.

One important thing: In order to be able to add a switch (e-port) to the 300 switch the Full Fabric license needs to be installed. Depending on what model you bought the license is included or not.

If it is an HP switch here is the list of models:

AM866A 8/8 base SAN switch 0 e-ports
AM867A 8/8 FF SAN switch
AM868A 8/24 FF SAN switch (16 ports enabled)

So the first cannot be cascaded unless you buy the Full Fabric license
T4261A 8/8 base upgrade to FF

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