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how to work with "aliadd" command in san switch

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how to work with "aliadd" command in san switch

how to work with "aliadd" command in san switch


Re: how to work with "aliadd" command in san switch

The below link shoudl be useful.

NOTE: Based on the SAN switch FOS version,you could download the FOS command reference guide.


Adds a member to a zone alias.
SYNOPSIS aliadd "aliName","member[; member...]"
DESCRIPTION Use this command to add one or more members to an existing zone alias. The alias member list cannot
contain another zone alias.
This command changes the defined configuration. For the change to become effective, enable the zone
configuration with the cfgEnable command. For the change to be preserved across switch reboots, save
the zone configuration to nonvolatile memory with the cfgSave command.
NOTES The execution of this command is subject to Virtual Fabric or Admin Domain restrictions that may be in
place. Refer to Chapter 1, "Using Fabric OS Commands" and Appendix A, "Command Availability" for
When an FCS policy is enabled, this command can be issued only from the primary FCS switch.
OPERANDS The following operands are required:
Specify the name of a zone alias, enclosed in double quotation marks.
Specify a member or list of members to be added to the alias, enclosed in double
quotation marks. Members must be separated by semicolons. An alias member
can be specified by one or more of the following methods:
• A switch domain and port index pair. Use switchShow for a list of valid port
index numbers.
• A world wide name (WWN).
EXAMPLES To add members to zone aliases array1, array2, and loop1:
switch:admin> aliadd "array1", "1,2"
switch:admin> aliadd "array2", "21:00:00:20:37:0c:72:51"

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