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hp storageworks 4/16 SAN Switch Details

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hp storageworks 4/16 SAN Switch Details


 I am in a situation where the StorageAdmin guy left the company and has left no documentation at all.

So basically I dont know the Management IP or the Username & Passwords of the broacde Switches

I tried all Defaults but cannot get through.  There is a serial interface but am not too sure how to use it.


How can I get access to my brocade SAN Switch?

I  only have access to Command View EVA so I can still manage most of the stuff there. My only issue is we'll be putting in a couple of Blades for Storage access so I would very much like to know the current switch licensing incase it becomes a probelm later.




Johan Guldmyr
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Re: hp storageworks 4/16 SAN Switch Details



Have you not found the IP addresses either?

To find that out without rebooting perhaps you can check with the network-people? Do some port listening, check firewall rules. Disconnecting the management ethernet of a switch does not effect the FC side.


did you try these default? - fibranne as password and user root/factory/admin.


Are the switches in a c-class enclosure? Perhaps you can find the information from the OA.


It is possible to reset the password via the serial port, you'll have to restart the switch to do that though.


Do you have the serial cable that came with the switches?


Bits per second: 9600

Databits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: None

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Re: hp storageworks 4/16 SAN Switch Details

I managed to get both the ip address and the admin credentials by using the serial port.

Luckily, the root password was still on default password so was able to get in.


So i reset the admin password, got the ip address and docmented all. 


Thanks alot for your help.