hp-ux ca failover

Graeme Wood

hp-ux ca failover

I have vdisks on an EVA 5000 (active/active), presented to an HP-UX server running 11.11. I want to move these disks to an EVA 6400 (active/active) and have used CA to replicate the vdisks.

When I fail the DR group over and reboot the HP-UX server I can see the lun's when I perform an ioscan and new device files have been created. However, it is the next step I am not sure about. When I run autopath discover it comes back with a successful message, but if I run an autopath display it says no valid secure path disks were found.

I have upgraded secure path to 3.0F SP4.

Do I need to perform a vgimport using the new device files? If so can someone provide me some simple steps to do this? I notice there are instructions in the CA implementation guide, but those appear more aimed at failing over to a different server, whereas I am using the same server.

Any help would be very much appreciated as HP-UX is not my strong point.

Thanks in advance.