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latencies: host ports vs. virtual disks

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latencies: host ports vs. virtual disks

I have a p6300 with one diskgroup.  write latencies on the host ports average less than one ms but write latencies on the virtualdisk group average around 10 ms.  what is the difference and which one should i be using to determine performance?  thanks

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Re: latencies: host ports vs. virtual disks


are theren't any other metrics than the host port latency and disk group latency?  somethine like the latency of the volume/LUN for that given host? can you give a little more insight into what  the problem you are trying address?


I would say the metrics which are closer to the problem object( may be  a host in this case) need to be given preference. In your case host port latency. when it comes to disk group latency which may be shard across multiple hosts ports or hosts. i dont know what  a disk group here in p6300!


the subject line of the post mentioned virtaul disks and the body said disk group . If the virtual disks are closer compare dto host port latency ( in your case it sounds yes) the you need take the virtual disk latency in to consideration.