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local disk 0 is becomig disk1

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local disk 0 is becomig disk1

hi all
i have c3000 bladesystem with bl460c g6 i have installed an oprating system on the blade the local disk was disk 0 when i have connected my blade to an msa the volume create on the msa become disk 0 and the local disk become disk 1. for my application i need the local disk as disk 0. how can i solve it?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: local disk 0 is becomig disk1

Are you talking about the disk name/number within Windows? As far as I know, the number depends on the server's I/O structure, device drivers, load order and so on and you can't influence it.

Sorry, but you need to get the application fixed. It should not make such an assumption.