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move all LUNs from one EVA to another EVA

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Mihir Patel
Occasional Advisor

move all LUNs from one EVA to another EVA

I was assigned a project to move all the LUNs from one EVA to another EVA. We have a EVA 4000 which we're trying to decomm and move everything over to an already in production EVA 6100. Keep in mind that both EVAs are in production. How does one go about doing this? We have CV General and Business Copy licenses on both EVAs. What's best practices? What do I need to know or get in order to do this?

Marcus Schack
Trusted Contributor

Re: move all LUNs from one EVA to another EVA


There are a number ways to do this. First you need to get the SPOCK Compatibility matrix to ensure that the firmware on the EVA4000 and EVA6100 are compatible. Then if you have Continuous Access you can move the LUNs from the EVA4000 to the EVA6100. When they are moved, you then shut down the servers using the EVA4000 and point them to the EVA6100.

You could also, depending on how much time you have use something like XCOPY, it can be a long process.

So it depends which way you want to go, but i would recommend using EVA Continuous Access. I have included a link to EVA CA, so you can read more.


If you sign on to here you can find the compatibility matrix that I was talking about.