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moving EVA 4400 to another site

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moving EVA 4400 to another site

Dear all,


We want to MOVE 2 EVA4400 to another site and we want to know the autonomy of the cache battery time.



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: moving EVA 4400 to another site





Do you want to know how long before the batteries are drained?


If we could find out what kind of batteries are in the battery pack it would be fairly easy to find out.




If you shut down all the hosts first, then the switches and at the end the EVA. Then you are fairly sure that there are no outstanding IO and that the battery shouldn't need to hold any data.

Sheldon Smith

Re: moving EVA 4400 to another site

Idea: Don't drain the batteries! Once hosts, switches and EVA are shut down, pull (disconnect) the batteries. Count to ten, push them back in.

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Re: moving EVA 4400 to another site

The batteries only come into use if the EVA is not shutdown cleanly, if a proper shutdown command is issued from Command View then the cache is flushed and the batteries do not kick in.

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