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msa1000 with 2 sdb boxes attached - order for power up

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msa1000 with 2 sdb boxes attached - order for power up

i have two sdb disk arrays attached to an msa1000 san. I think the startup process after a scheduled power outage was done incorrectly as it is no longer showing the logical drives from box 2 or 3 despite them being connected and powered on.
Is it just a matter of powering everything off and starting up correctly? i.e. boxes 2 3 first then the msa? Is it possible the data could get wiped from doing this bootup incorrectly?
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Re: msa1000 with 2 sdb boxes attached - order for power up

I have some further information - I can see under the ACU that all logical drives on box 1 are fine other logical drives from box 2 and 3 are giving the red X icon "failed" this is in the logical drive view but all drives from all boxes look fine under physical drive view.

Under Status Messages I see numerous logical drive failures:
"The current array controller has a failed logical drive X" "Replace any failed physical drives and re-enable the failed logical drive"
And one message as follows:
"The current array controller had valid data stored in its battery backed write cache the last time it was reset or was powered up. This indicates that the system may not have been shut down gracefully. The array controller has automatically written or has attempted to write this data to the drives. This message will continue to be displayed until the next reset or power cycle of the controller"

Any advice from anyone familiar with the msa1000?

Re: msa1000 with 2 sdb boxes attached - order for power up

The normal process to shut down the MSA array s:
- Shut down servers.
- Shut down MSA 1000 with the power button of the unit.
- Shut down additional disk enclosures (MSA 30's must be disconnected since they dont have power button).

To power up is just going the other way:

- Power up Disk enclosures (except MSA1000 chassis) and let them spín up for about 3-4 minutes.
- Turn on the MSA 1000 and let it complete the start up process.
- Power up the servers.

Doing the full power cycle normally gets rid of the message about the data in cache, since the cache is flushed upon graceful shutdown. But, it might not get rid of the Failed logical drive even if the disks are all back to OK and detected properly. It is always better to call HP support and have someone review the ADU report from the server and the show tech_support from the MSA controller if possible, but here is a quick view of your issue:

That normally happens in power outage situations, or when a disk enclosure is disconnected when the MSA1000 is running.

Doing a proper power cycle as fist step is the best thing to do, if the situation is the same after that, you might need to manually reenable the unit as ACU says (that should be one of the options when you right-click on the LUN in ACU). Before doing it, make sure all disks are detected, shown as OK, and that there are no other warnings in the system. Reenabling the lun normally works if there are no other problems, and if the Firmware of the MSA 1000 controller is in a reasonable version (4.48 or later).

There is always a chance it wont't work, but if the only problem is the logical drive failed because the physical connection was lost, after bringing it all back to normal, the data should be there, and if it can be recovered by the controller, reenabling the Lun is the only way.
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Re: msa1000 with 2 sdb boxes attached - order for power up

After much deliberation we pressed the "Re-enable Failed Logical Drive" and ignored the message telling us all data would be lost. The logical drive was re-enabled and the data was all there.