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msa2312fc firmware update

Simon Vaillancourt
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msa2312fc firmware update


I'm looking to upgrade the controler storage firmware on my msa2312fc, but the process are not working... When I launch the update process, I can see this message: update firmware - please wait.

also, can you tell me if this is the good download site for my product:

If I look on the HP StorageWorks 2000 Family Modular Smart Array firmware upgrade instructions :

3. For dual-controller configurations, select Manage > General Config > System Configuration and set
Partner Firmware Upgrade to Enabled.
4. Select Manage > Update Software > Controller Software.
5. Click Browse to select the J200XXX-xx.bin, J210XXX-xx.bin, or J300XXX-xx.bin file that you
extracted from the downloaded zip file as described in ”Obtaining firmware” on page 3.
6. Click Load Software Package File.
When loading is complete, the current version of the firmware on controller A and the new version in
the firmware package are displayed.
7. Click on Proceed With Code Update.
The update may take up to ten minutes to complete.
To see the progress of the code load, refresh your browser frequently.

In my Storage Management Utility, I dont have the Manage menu :( And if I refresh my browser during the update process, I return to the main console... So, please help me with this update process!

I'm running IE8 on windows 7.

Thank you,

Simon Vaillancourt
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Re: msa2312fc firmware update

Here is the information about my controller:

Current Versions of Controller Module B Property Value
Storage Controller Code Version M110R21
Memory Controller FPGA Code Version F300R22
Storage Controller Loader Code Version 19.009
Management Controller Code Version W441R06
Management Controller Loader Code Version 12.015
Expander Controller Code Version 1103
CPLD Code Version 8
Michael Leu
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Re: msa2312fc firmware update

Thats the wrong download link you have there...

Go to http://hp.com/go/bsc and type in msa2312fc in the search box and you get the correct manuals and downloads.
Michael Leu
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Re: msa2312fc firmware update

Sorry, a correction:
1) Go to http://hp.com/go/bsc
2) Click on 'Download drivers and software'
3) Enter msa2312fc in the box 'Search products' on the right side