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msa2324fc vs msa2012fc and a msa70


msa2324fc vs msa2012fc and a msa70

It has been recommended to me recently that we go with a msa2012fc and attach a msa70 instead of just getting a msa2324fc.

One of the major deciding factors was cost.

Looking of the config, we would save money getting the 2012 and msa70. LFF disks are cheaper too.

I'm curious if I'll see any performance problems from the disks that are attached to the msa70. From my readings the msa70 would be attached via sas.

Am I really going to notice the different in performance between the disks in the msa2012fc and the msa70?

My thoughts are that ultimately the msa2324fc is accessing the drives via sas since they are sas drives with a sas controller and shouldn't notice any difference.

Just trying to have all my ducks in a row before I pull the trigger.

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Re: msa2324fc vs msa2012fc and a msa70

I really doubt that you'll notice a difference in performance, as SAS interconnect is much faster then disks speed.
As for performance of 2324 and 2012: 2324 is twice faster, and if speed is critical for you, perhaps you could think about buying 2312 - as a trade-off with cheaper LFF disks and faster controllers?