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msl 6000 series library

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msl 6000 series library

master can be seen but not slave remotely. master and slave have different ip addresses. Slave can't be seen remotely,therefore it can't be updated(master firmware etc.. has ben updated)
slave has different gui interface,doesn't have same gui template as master/can't change ip address for slave. Finally, was attempting to hook up cable to slave to manually update firm ware etc.. saw a quick spark in the back of unit and now slave will come on but gui freezes and gives error codes 3500 and 3303. What is wrong with the slave and were do I begin to finally fix the unit? When responding be as specific as possible please.
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Re: msl 6000 series library

In a primary/secondary configuration only the whole unit has an external IP, presented by the special hub. So you can only access the primary, the primary will talk to the secondary via internal network.

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