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p6000 eva disk redundancy

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p6000 eva disk redundancy


we have a p6000 eva with 2 disk shelfs.  as part of failover testing it was mentioned that we pull power on one of the shelfs.


i just wanted to double check before this was done as i believe that this would bring down the system.  we have 8 disks in each 25 bay shelf so 16 in total.  given the way RSS works and disk group protection set to one we could lose two disk as long as they are in different RSS groups.


to be able to fully make it redundant we would need to start with 8 shelfs with 2 disks in each.  this would then allow for a shelf failure would it not?


any advice apprecited




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Re: p6000 eva disk redundancy

Agreed. You need 8 shelfs.

Hope this helps!

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: p6000 eva disk redundancy

You also want to confirm that the disks in the shelf you plug out aren't in the same RSS.