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planning hyper-v CSV and 2 phisical hosts using one shared storage


planning hyper-v CSV and 2 phisical hosts using one shared storage


1. I need to build a system that will include 2 physical 2008 and 2 Hyper-V servers (with 4 virtual 2008 servers). My idea is to use 1 iSCSI shared storage for 2 physical and 4 virtual servers.
Please see my scenario and correct if it is not valid.
A) 2 physical servers 2008 R2 must be in cluster for providing failover and load balancing.
I don’t have an experience with physical cluster (but tested Cluster Shared Volume in Hyper-V) so I guess that 2008 R2 OS should be installed on physical machines C: partition and Data partition will be placed on a shared storage Volume. Is this a right way to build a physical cluster?
B) MS Hyper-V will run on other 2 physical servers. VMs will be places on separate from #1 volume of the same shared storage.

2. I am planning to go with HP DL360 G7 for servers that will do the job.
The Storage requirement is 500GB that includes a future expansion. So 1 TB Storage box will be overkill.
Please suggest HP iSCSI Storage appropriate to the above requirements.
Is the idea of connecting physical and virtual hosts is OK.
The goal of the shared storage in this case is to provide Clustering with failover and load balancing for physical servers and CSV for Hyper-V hosts.
I will appreciate a detailed answer.