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power requirements for XP12K

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power requirements for XP12K

Dear All

We’re thinking about putting an old XP12000 test array into a computer room and are considering what the power requirements. I know it’d require a site survey, but I’d like to check the power requirements and heat dissipation first. I think the array has a 3 phase 30 amp / 50 hz power supply. We’re looking to check air conditioning + power

Our buildings management people need to know how the number of kilowatts the power supply would need to support in terms of average and peak usage for a XP12000 DKC. This link provides some information -


A formula for calculating three phase power would be - Voltage x amps x number of cords / or 1.73 (my colleague estimated power usage as 2kw for a DKC )

* Do you know where I could get information about typical / peak power requirements and heat dissipation for a XP12K DKC?

* Is the power requirement liable to vary under any specific circumstances - e.g. will it peak where cabinet is full of disks?


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Re: power requirements for XP12K