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/proc/scsi/qla2xxx device files shows huge number of interrupts

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/proc/scsi/qla2xxx device files shows huge number of interrupts

Hi all,

The HBA device file inside /proc/scsi/qla2xxx directory shows a huge number of interrupts.

please refer the below contents

QLogic PCI to Fibre Channel Host Adapter for QLA2312:
Firmware version 3.03.18 IPX, Driver version 8.01.03-p5-fo
ISP: ISP2312, Serial# F28927
Request Queue = 0xf3200000, Response Queue = 0xf31a0000
Request Queue count = 4096, Response Queue count = 512
Total number of active commands = 1
Total number of interrupts = 3872435739
Device queue depth = 0x10
Number of free request entries = 1240
Number of mailbox timeouts = 0

in this file it shows "Total number of interrupts = 3872435739" . can anyone explain me what is meant by this interrupts?