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setting up new eva6400 .need suggestion

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setting up new eva6400 .need suggestion

Hi all,

I need to setup EVA6400 with RHEL 5.6 .I need to create a single file system of 2 TB size .This file system is going to be 40% read and 60% write .It will be random read/write .

I am looking for your thoughts in order to get the maximum performance

1) What is the recommended vdisk size?
2) Will it be good idea to use the LVM striping on top of Vraid1 disk? If yes what are the recommended strip size and number of disk in the strip.
As per EVA best practice doc, it was advised that if the vdisk is owned by different controller, then it be advised to go with striping by using the volume manager.
3) How many disk path we can use per LUN for the optimum performance .with EVA 6400 we can have maximum of 8 Path per Lun (4 path per controller) ?
Will there be advantage of 8 path over 4 path ?

I am planning to create 100 GB of vidsk (vdisk1) and going to use LVM striping with -i 2 -I 4096.

Looking for your valuable suggestion.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: setting up new eva6400 .need suggestion


Some thing to consider:

On the EVA the data is levelled/spread out between all the disks in the disk group automagically by the controllers. Basically: the more physical disks you have in a disk group - the more performance.

If you access a vdisk/LUN from the non-owning controller, the non-owning will have to pass the request to the owning controller anyway. It's recommended to use a multipathing that is ALUA sensitive.

Beware that (last time I checked anyway) - vdisks over 2TB could not be resized.