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svsp command line interface/scripting

Steve Ensley
New Member

svsp command line interface/scripting

I'm starting to familiarize myself with the vsm_cli utility in order to automate our fail over procedures some. The guide I'm following is the "HP StorageWorks SAN Virtualization Services Platform Manager command line interface user guide"

The documented fail over procedure specifies disconnecitng or powering off the application host and deleting it from the host list after waiting for it to go absent is the svsp client, then suspending and splitting the mirror. Studying the vsm_cli guide I am not seeing any commands to create or delete hosts, or any way to test for the host status

First question, why is this necessary? Seems like once I kill the app and unmount the volumes, it should be good to go.

Second, Assuming it is necessary which I concede since if I dont, I am unable to split the mirror to fail back, how can I automate this. Am I missing somthing in the guide, or is there a workaround?

Third, The svsp admin guide refers to 'suspending the mirror group'. The cli guide refers to 'pausing the mirror group' Can I assume these are refering to the same operation? Seems likely but I dislike ambiguity.