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upgrade eva4400 controllers?

Jeff Byrkit
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upgrade eva4400 controllers?

I have an EVA4400 that does not have the embedded fibre switches in the controllers. I am thinking of buying another 4400, this time WITH the embedded fc switches. My problem is I have a considerable amount of disks on the old eva, but i'd like to use the new eva with the embedded switches with all of that storage.


Has anyone tried (or is it a bad idea) swapping, one at a time, controllers in a production EVA without the built-in fc switches, with controllers with the fc switches, instead of setting up a new EVA and somehow moving the vdisks over? I don't have enough storage on the new EVA to just replicate all the vdisks over.


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Re: upgrade eva4400 controllers?


I would suggest if you can afford the downtime to shutdown the EVA and replace both controllers

make sure they are on the same firmware as the old ones and then add the additional new


another  thing is maybe not to buy the controllers with embedded switches and just add disks to your existing system.




Johan Guldmyr
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Re: upgrade eva4400 controllers?



if I were you I'd check with HP if they support this upgrade, and if they have perhaps a step-by-step instruction for how to upgrade an EVA4400 from HSV300 to HSV300-S (with switches).