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AI and Event Driven - Smart City Flood Alert Application

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AI and Event Driven - Smart City Flood Alert Application

It's raining again. In some places, we should face flood soon. What if we can use AI and Event Driven platform to provide citizens and rescue teams with a very efficient Flood Alerting System?

InfoSquare has developed a Flood Alert application using VANTIQ to monitor and detect critical flood situations via IOT sensors. If such a situation is detected the application allows both citizens to trigger an alert if they are in danger, and rescue teams to assist them.

In the emergency situation, Vantiq’s man-machine collaboration is used to rescue people in real-time. People receive an alert on their mobile with 3 "push button" options :

1/I am safe  - 2/ I need a shelter - 3/ I need a rescue team

 If one needs a shelter the application indicates the closest shelter and help people to get the safest route to it, thanks to live display of shelter locations and live tracking of citizens’ towards shelters.

When a rescue team is requested, the application proposes Multilanguage Live chat between citizens and rescue teams thanks to AI real-time multi-language translations provided by Systran (real-time MT).

With such a Smart City application, Authorities and Citizens can minimize risk of natural disasters, like Flood, Fires or Earthquakes. The cost savings, resources optimization and life-saving are obviously the major benefits.