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Legacy App Challenges

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Legacy App Challenges

With all the chatter in the market around digital transformation, tell me...is app modernization something you are considering or in the process of going through? What are some of the legacy application challenges your company is dealing with? Have your overcome them and if so, how? 

Some of the challenges we're hearing include: 

  • Isolating applications from infrastructure is time consuming and a manual process.
  • Legacy, monolithic systems are not designed with distributed hardware in mind and are difficult to break apart.
  • Legacy apps lack security integrations.
  • Legacy apps lack tight DevOps integration.
  • Budget and cost control are difficult to estimate.

Do you have advice for the community members who are on this journey with you? 

Sahithi Gunna, Product Manager, HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, has been talking with customers going through this and shares key insights and solutions on modernizing legacy applications in a cost-effective way in her blog post, Monolithic to microservices made easier with HPE Ezmeral.

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