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Better together: An HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem partnership with Unravel Data and H2O.ai


The hard work paid off. Despite the hours spent grinding out a feasible solution, it’s a feeling like no other when all the pieces come together. It’s teamwork at its finest.

And yet, somehow, it’s short-lived. The next wave of trials looms, and soon the team will be thrust back into the throes of test dev, CI/CD improvements, model deployment and every other disjointed aspect of piecing together a company’s application modernization initiatives.

As businesses move to containerized and AI solutions, many businesses have adopted a fragmented workflow. Kubernetes and AI/ML Ops transformation processes are rarely optimizing data applications, nor are they automated. Therefore, they put exhaustive strain on the teams involved: data scientists, developers, enterprise architects, and operations. The key to boosting business outcomes is having the right tools available for the right use cases.

The new HPE Ezmeral Marketplace solves this challenge by streamlining the delivery of applications for clients and channel partners. This one-stop shop is an extension of the HPE Ezmeral ISV Partner Ecosystem launched last year. Together, the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace and the HPE Ezmeral ISV Partner Ecosystem make it easier for clients to adopt integrated solutions that combine the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform with validated industry-leading, third-party, commercial and open-source applications to address the challenges data science teams face today.

HPE’s Ron Kafka, Senior Director of the HPE Ezmeral ISV ecosystem and technology partnerships, in collaboration with John Gallant, IDG CIO Contributing Editor, will discuss this topic in more detail. Joining them are Chris Santiago, Director of Solution Engineering at Unravel Data, and Yves Laurent, Director of Partnerships from H2O.ai, in the on-demand webcast: HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem: Deploying AI/ML workloads into production in hybrid cloud environments, launching April 29th.

Highlights of this session include:

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Visit the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace to learn more about our ISV partner program. You can also check out the blog Making AI a Reality or watch the replay of HPE Ezmeral\\Analytics Unleashed - Boost your solutions with the HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem program.


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