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Bring it on! HPE Developer Community challenges a changing world.

Changing-World HPE-DEV.pngDevelopers thrive when they connect with each other to discuss problems and collaborate to build solutions. Of course, the pandemic put an abrupt end to many of the opportunities to do this in-person. When that happened, the HPE Developer Community (HPE DEV) took a hard look at all their activities and brainstormed ways to fill the void.

The blog HPE Developer Community Meets a Changing World Head On posted on the HPE DEV site explains how HPE DEV changed to continue to succeed in a world forever changed by COVID-19. The blog details innovative ways the team embraced change to continue their mission—to Build, Communicate, and Collaborate. I’ve summarized the main points of the blog below:

Hack Shack goes virtual

When COVID-19 shut down the first tradeshows, going virtual was the only option. Virtual platforms made events easier to attend and saved people a lot of money. Yet connecting and learning from each other in a truly engaging way was lacking.

Hack Shack image.pngThe HPE DEV team set out to deliver the same hands-on, learning sessions they presented during their physical Hack Shack events—making it virtual, yet keeping it fun. The team created one of the coolest sites you could imagine, including games like the popular Hack Shack Attack.

They also revamped the coding sessions—delivering workshops in a way where students could interact with and develop code online using Jupyter Notebooks. This gave birth to a whole set of Workshops-on-Demand that cover a wide variety of technologies, from open source projects to HPE Ezmeral. (For more information, read From Jupyter Notebooks-as-a-Service to HPE DEV Workshops-on-Demand). The workshops can be accessed through the Hack Shack, the HPE Software Demo Portal, and the Skill Up section of the HPE DEV Portal.

Let’s munch and learn

In 2020, Zoom became a household name. And through its use, HPE DEV is finding more ways to gather and collaborate. The team routinely uses Zoom to connect industry luminaries, open source innovators, and other subject matter experts with others in the community who can benefit from their knowledge through a number of different forums.

The team’s newest offering, the Munch & Learn Technology Talks, are monthly meetups where everyone is invited to gather and hear from these technologists. These are great opportunities for you to come and get your questions answered straight from the experts.

Making things simple

As HPE DEV added more and more to its online presence, it became apparent the existing HPE DEV Portal needed to be updated. It also needed to be simplified to make it easier to find information and connect to others in the community via SlackTwitter, and the HPE Ezmeral Software Forum.


As a result, the HPE DEV Portal is now updated with a fresh and clean look. Here, you’ll find all the resources you need to design and build the best possible software experiences that harness the most value from your data. Blog posts continue to be a staple of the portal, with recent posts covering topics like AI, machine learning, how to stream data and capture it, and how to efficiently manage your hybrid cloud environment. You’ll also be able to access the brand new HPE Open Source project website through top level navigation.

Check us out!

The changes made by the HPE DEV team to address the challenges faced by COVID restrictions have resulted in an exciting new way to deliver content to the developer community. If you haven’t taken advantage of joining the HPE Developer Community yet, consider taking a closer look.

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About the author:

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Dale Rensing

An independent senior marketing consultant, Dale Rensing has written for the tech community for many years. As the HPE DEV news editor, she connects with members of the HPE Developer Community to facilitate collaboration and engagement.



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