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Containers are Essential to App Modernization

HPE Container Platform Robert-Christiansen-Videos.jpgIn a previous blog post, I discussed the need for application modernizationthe refactoring, re-purposing, or consolidation of legacy software programming to align with current business needs. Application modernization enables agile software delivery, an essential process to driving customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and faster time-to-market.

While most enterprises agree that application modernization is critical to the success of their business, they often encounter challenges that quickly stall their transformations. Fortunately, we have learned from clients that have taken on the challenge, examined the outcomes and lessons learned, and taken note of pitfalls to avoid. With a deeper understanding of these common challenges, application modernization doesn’t have to be long and painful.

Common challenges with app modernization

Before embarking on an application modernization strategy, watch the three-episode video series: HPE Container Strategy, by  Robert Christiansen, cloud technology leader at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). This video series provides insight into the most common challenges and helps enterprises stay focused on the goal of bringing agility to the application development process.

Episode 1: Market Overview walks you through a bit of history and the evolution of software development innovations – beginning from client/server, to VMs, to the cloud, and then to container technology. Episode 2: Transformation Challenges explores the common challenges organizations have struggled with and why. Describing the different work streams enterprises set up during a transformation, Christiansen illustrates how most organizations start off on the right path; however, key issues such as the interrelationships and dependencies with other applications and data stores, data gravity, and latency—can quickly stall transformation efforts.

HPE’s container strategy explained

In the last and final episode, Episode 3: HPE Solution, Christiansen discusses how the HPE Container Platform with 100% open-source Kubernetes helps overcome the challenges of application modernization. Learn how to deliver a cloud experience (whether on premises, in the public cloud, in a hybrid model, or at the edge), and explore the role of the HPE Data Fabric. With enterprise-grade security and control, persistent container storage, and 1-click provisioning through a common self-service interface, the HPE Container Platform brings agility to application development and deployment and takes the pain out of application modernization.

Visit HPE Container Platform to learn more. To get started viewing this insightful video series, watch episode 1 now:


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