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Empowering analytics: HPE Ezmeral Marketplace expands its validated ISV partner ecosystem

You are not alone. HPE Ezmeral Marketplace is your collaboration space.

HPE-Ezmeral-Marketplace-News.pngBy nature, humans are curious and observant. We analyze the environment to know what is out there, what’s next, and what else can be done to facilitate our existence.

Similarly, organizations are constantly seeking ways to catch up with their environment and offer the best possible product to meet their customer’s needs. The IT industry is the perfect example of this – it is constantly changing and improving towards a common goal of offering products that will make our life easier.  But what more can they do?

Bring Spark to your life

The IT industry has developed different applications and software frameworks like Apache Spark, an open-source analytics engine that facilitates big data processing and analytics of tens to thousands of terabytes of data. These solutions, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI), make it possible to get a job done independent of its final real-life application or use case.

Snip1-Pepperdata.pngReal-world data analytics tasks — whether they are interactive analytics in a tool (such as a Jupyter notebook) or traditional software development for production applications — tend to combine many different processing types and libraries. Spark, with built-in modules for streaming, SQL, machine learning and graph processing, was designed to support a wide range of these real-world data analytics tasks over the same computing engine and with a consistent set of APIs. Spark’s unified nature makes these tasks both easier and more efficient to write1. The new HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics offering makes it easy to deploy a Spark cluster on a Jupyter Notebook, enabling data scientists to create and share their work in a browser-based graphical interface.

Innovators at heart

snip2 Nvidia.pngAs a consumer, I look for the easiest and fastest way to get the goods I need and preferably from a single source. I have found many consumers think alike, especially if that single source is a brand with the success and recognition that HPE has placed in the market over the years.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has become an icon in innovation. HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform reinforces HPE’s commitment to deliver best in class solutions to enterprises seeking for a practical way to meet their goals. With a pay-per-use model and the flexibility to scale up or down to reduce their costs, enterprises receive the scalable capacity they need whenever they need it.  

Collaboration is our approach. To empower is our goal.

snip3-OmniSci.pngIt is well known that working in collaboration brings more benefits than working in silos, “two heads are better than one”.

The new analytics services in HPE GreenLake (powered by HPE Ezmeral) helps enterprises achieve their goals. HPE Ezmeral offerings include HPE Ezmeral Runtime (formerly known as HPE Ezmeral Container Platform), and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, and HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics. Additionally, the combination of the HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem program along with the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace empowers clients and partners to build a robust data science team by developing a collaborative approach through HPE Ezmeral validated independent software vendors (ISVs) applications. 

Validated ISV applications on HPE EzmeralValidated ISV applications on HPE Ezmeral

HPE Ezmeral Marketplace

snip4-Starburst.pngThe HPE Ezmeral Marketplace leverages the open-source Kubernetes ecosystem and its modern ISV partners to provide faster time to value. Together, they make it easier for clients to adopt integrated solutions that combine HPE Ezmeral software with validated industry-leading, third-party, commercial, and open-source applications. 

With the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace, ISVs validate their software on the HPE Ezmeral software. Every quarter, more and more ISVs are being added, along with functionalities that include big data & analytics, AI/ML, data protection, monitoring, security, and anything else needed for the end-to-end data pipeline. Through the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace, customers can fill in the gaps, recognizing that no enterprise is using just one tool to meet all their needs2.

The HPE Ezmeral Marketplace allows organizations to constantly add functionality to the platform through other vendors, which doesn’t box customers into just one set of offerings3.

Expanding the HPE Ezmeral partner ecosystem

Snip5-Weka.pngHPE Ezmeral software and its growing ecosystem of partners helps bring speed and agility to the application development lifecycle. Since the HPE Ezmeral partner program was first introduced in March 2021, we have added 37 ISV partners to support our customers' core use cases and workloads. The partner program is also adding support today for open-source projects such as Spark, offering enterprises the ability to transition workloads to a modern, cloud-native architecture. Check out the latest ISVs added to the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace:  Ahana, Confluent, Dremio, Flywheel, gopaddle, Kasten by Veeam, Lightbend, NVIDIA, Pepperdata, Splunk, Starburst, Trilio, Virsec, Weka, Whiteklay -- and more to come (OmniSci, TigerGraph, Vertica, etc.)

Visit the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace today to see how it can help you simplify the management and provisioning of infrastructure you need to build, test, and deploy your big data and analytics workloads. Also, take a look at the marketplace video.

Get started today!

Visit the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace to learn more about our ISV partners.

Contact Ezmeral Ecosystem team to know more about our HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem program.

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About the author:

Abril Sanchez, Ezmeral ISV Product Marketing Manager at HPE

Abril.jpgAbril Sanchez is a Product Marketing Manager, focused on content creation to support go-to-market efforts for the HPE Ezmeral ISV ecosystem and technology partnerships for the Software Business Unit at HPE. Areas of interest include AI / ML, big data and analytics, and the benefits these solutions bring to customers.




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