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HPE Ezmeral 5.3 puts the “EZ” into Analytics, DataOps, and App Modernization

Spark 3.0, MLOps advancement with MLflow, and a new App Workbench make it easier to innovate with your data and apps.

HPE-Ezmeral5_3-Easy.pngToday, I’m excited to announce the availability of HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and ML Ops 5.3, which focuses on advancing HPE clients’ AI, analytics, DevOps, and hybrid cloud capabilities with HPE Ezmeral. I like to refer to this release as our ‘EZ’ release, as this iteration makes it simpler than ever for clients to employ an industrialized approach to data science. It supports many users, tools, and steps that deliver an end-to-end analytics solution and allow clients to innovate faster. With this release, HPE introduces significant analytics advances with Apache Spark™ and MLflow integration. HPE also delivers a multitude of other ‘EZ’ improvements to simplify app modernization, data and model collaboration, policy management, and runtime security.

HPE Ezmeral 5.3 spans the following 5 major improvements:

EZ Enterprise Apache Spark 3.0 on Kubernetes (K8s) – HPE expanded the capabilities and support of the most popular open-source data analytics and engineering offering, Apache Spark. By integrating the open-source Apache Spark 3.x operator into our container platform, HPE is the first and only company to deliver enterprise, on-premises Apache Spark on K8s . This capability allows our clients to immediately take advantage of the latest and greatest Spark features such as optimizations for GPU acceleration and native data access from S3. More importantly, HPE is providing all the necessary side dishes, allowing our clients to get more value out of HPE Ezmeral. Here’s a quick rundown of the value-add features:

  • Apache Livy integration: With integration with Livy (a REST API), HPE provides developers and apps a simpler way to submit Spark jobs from external locations like a Jupyter notebook, terminal, or from the apps themselves.
  • Apache Airflow: Users can now leverage the Airflow workflow engine to integrate Spark into end-to-end data processing and data science pipelines. 
  • Flexible Data Access: HPE provides a variety of data access options including native access within the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform across tenants, external data in your data lakes or object stores, and from edge to cloud with the embedded HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric. 
  • Airgap: HPE also added support to run Spark in an air-gapped environment, which is required by many security-conscious enterprises.

EZ MLOps collaboration for multi-tenant environments – Initially, HPE started with enterprise support for Kubeflow in the 5.2 release and now added out-of-the-box MLflow integration.  This functionality enables HPE to deliver a global shared common metadata store with experimentation and model management capabilities. This global shared repository enables sharing of model metadata and related artifacts across tenants to improve analytics collaboration. In addition to the ability to share metadata across tenants, HPE also added global data sharing, allowing data to be shared across tenants from any NFS or HDFS data source with FS Mount and DataTap.

EZ app modernization - The new version of the App Workbench provides a guided workflow for Kubernetes application containerization. Using an enhanced GUI, you can create your own custom images or source from existing libraries, like NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC), in just a few clicks. Additionally, the HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem program is now live with 16 new HPE Ezmeral validated ISVs to streamline the addition of new applications.

EZ policy management with Git – This new core platform feature enables continuous compliance. The centralized policy management makes it easier for clients to adhere to corporate standard policies with the Open Policy Agent (OPA) rule engine, and the policies can be applied across tenants and clusters. This versatile general policy engine addresses a variety of use cases such as the following:

  • Image registry policy To control where the sources of application images are coming from, and whether a tenant can install a Docker or Helm chart from a specific internal or public registry
  • Container privileges To control which containers have access to the host OS and local disks

HPE also added policy drift management to simplify the next to impossible task of manually tracking policies across 100’s or 1000’s of clusters. Our drift management makes this ‘EZ’ by automatically detecting and reporting out of compliance clusters that may have been changed by rogue developers. 

EZ container runtime security – HPE added an integration with Falco to provide out-of-the-box runtime security. This capability delivers anti-virus-like runtime security by default to the platform, providing additional threat detection and alerting, which can be fed into the policy management rule engine to ensure continuous compliance. Additionally, validated security partners, like Sysdig, joined the HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem program, providing more flexibility and choice in security delivery.

Find out how HPE Ezmeral can impact your business

What’s most exciting for me is seeing HPE clients get demonstrable success with HPE solutions. In case you missed it, HPE held the HPE Ezmeral \\ Analytics Unleashed event where three HPE  clients discussed the analytics solutions they’ve delivered with HPE Ezmeral – including containerization, a virtual wallet delivery program, extreme data fabric, apower robotic drive for ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems), and data science as a service (DSaaS). 

HPE is working vigorously to deliver continuous open, bare metal innovations that collapse the stack for accelerating analytics and DevOps, from edge to cloud. As a core pillar to HPE’s strategy of pivoting to everything-as-a-service for customers, from edge-to-cloud, HPE Ezmeral 5.3 reinforces the dedication of the HPE Ezmeral business unit to deliver software that helps enterprises build an industrial-scale analytics factory to drive app modernization and data science initiatives forward.  

The best is yet to come. I look forward to my next product update later in the year. 

To learn more, check out our HPE Ezmeral \\ Analytics Unleashed event we held in mid-March.


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Anant Chintamaneni is Vice President and GM, HPE Ezmeral at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where he is responsible for product development and GTM strategy to help enterprises on their digital transformation journey with next generation hybrid cloud software. Anant has more than 19 years of experience in enterprise software, business intelligence and Big Data/Analytics infrastructure. Anant previously led product management and engineering teams at BlueData, Pivotal, Dell, EMC, and NICE Systems.