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HPE Ezmeral Container Platform is now HPE Ezmeral Runtime

HPE-Ezmeral-RunTime-ContainerRename.pngMany of you heard the announcement on 9/28 that the HPE GreenLake platform rolled out two industry-first analytics services: Unified Analytics and Object Store. HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics is the industry’s first cloud-native unified analytics cloud service optimized for hybrid environments. HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store is the industry’s first data fabric to combine S3-native object store, files, streams, and databases in one scalable data platform that spans edge-to-cloud. That’s really exciting news and will help our customers immensely.

But what you may have not heard, or possibly missed during all the excitement is that we also renamed the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform. It will now be known as HPE Ezmeral Runtime.


Why did you choose the name Runtime, you ask?

It’s simple, really.

The offering formerly known as the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform is really focused on a lot more than just containers, and it provides businesses with more than just container orchestration software. The name change to HPE Ezmeral Runtime reflects the fact that this is not just a solution for container platform orchestration. This platform offers an incredible wealth of capabilities and features you can use to modernize, deploy, monitor, and manage your applications.



When the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform offering was first brought to market, the industry and most businesses were unclear on the concept of what a container was, what the advantages of using them were, and how they could use them in their business. Over the last few years that’s changed as businesses have become familiar with both Kubernetes and containers and understand the advantages to be gained by using them. Containers and Kubernetes are now part of the mainstream, and businesses around the world are adopting them.

In fact, according to a recent Gartner report, “90% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production by 2026—up from 40% today. In addition, by 2026 20% of all enterprise applications will run in containers—up from fewer than 10% in 2020”.1 Enterprise organizations are adopting containers and embracing cloud-native microservices architecture to accelerate the speed of application development and innovation and benefit from greater efficiency and portability. Kubernetes has emerged as the de facto open-source standard for container orchestration and a fundamental building block for cloud-native architectures.


HPE Ezmeral Runtime provides you with an enterprise-grade platform to deploy Kubernetes at scale for a wide range of use cases on bare metal or virtualized infrastructure. It can be run on premises, in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and at the edge. HPE Ezmeral Runtime is also the industry’s first container platform designed to run modern applications (both cloud-native and non-cloud-native) with persistent data, making it easier for enterprises to manage their apps with containerized application deployments.

The reality is that Kubernetes is table stakes now, and businesses realize modern applications require more than just a container to function in the enterprise. That’s why they need HPE Ezmeral Runtime.

The HPE Ezmeral Runtime platform provides businesses with numerous additional value-added features that go above and beyond simple container management, allowing you to run a variety of different applications.

The additional value-adds include an integrated data fabric, multi-cluster Kubernetes management, declarative deployment, enterprise-grade security, policy management features, public cloud cluster imports, and multi-tenancy.

HPE Ezmeral Runtime provides businesses with all the app modernization tools they need in one solution. These additional features make it easy for enterprises to extend the agility and efficiency benefits of containers to more of their enterprise applications.

To make it easier to understand these additional capabilities, here’s a brief overview of some of the key features:

Edge to cloud: the industry’s first and only 100%, open-source, Kubernetes, hybrid analytics platform spanning edge to cloud helps enterprises modernize their apps with containerized application deployments on bare metal or VMs spanning on-premises, multiple clouds, and at the edge; allows you to build once, run anywhere

Public cloud cluster import: unified control plane makes it easy to import external Kubernetes clusters; includes support for importing clusters from cloud vendors such as Amazon EKS, Google GKE, and Azure AKS

Multi-cluster, multi-tenant Kubernetes management: fast, easy deployment, management, and monitoring of Kubernetes clusters both on-prem and off-prem from a single pane of glass

Enterprise-grade security: built-in security controls to integrate with identity providers such as AD/LDAP; single sign-on; SAML integration; role-based access controls for secure access to the platform; Falco container runtime security for proactive threat detection and alerting

GitOps-based centralized policy management and drift management: seamless and fleet management of clusters; ArgoCD leveraged to ensure clusters are consistent and immutable for continuous compliance

Turnkey solution: easily containerize cloud-native and non-cloud-native apps; KubeDirector—an open-source custom Kubernetes controller—allows you to deploy non-cloud-native apps without rearchitecting or refactoring

Accelerated analytics: cross-server GPU sharing, and NVIDIA Multi-instance GPU fractionalization improve collaboration and GPU utilization across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Frictionless data access: HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, DataTap and FSMount let you connect to and manage data wherever it is located

Built-in Service Mesh and observability: for intelligent traffic shaping, load balancing, canary rollouts, and A/B testing of application microservices; visualize tenant-granular workload traffic for rapid troubleshooting and analysis via natively integrated Istio Service Mesh

1-click provisioning: App Store of curated, prebuilt, ready-to-run solutions for a wide range of applications including AI/ML, DataOps, analytics, CI/CD, DevOps apps and services, with the ability to BYO application via KubeDirector and App Workbench

Available via HPE GreenLake: cloud services for HPE Runtime are available through HPE GreenLake to deliver a preconfigured platform designed for multi-cluster, multi-tenant Kubernetes deployment

In addition, HPE is committed to and will continue to be the best choice for deploying open-source Kubernetes.

You can see why the name change helps position the additional value that our solution provides today, as well as positions it for future capabilities.


You can learn more by visiting the HPE Ezmeral website or by taking a test drive of the HPE Ezmeral Software Portfolio interactive demo experience.

In March, HPE hosted HPE Ezmeral \\ Analytics Unleashed, an online event that showcased how HPE helps businesses succeed in driving their data-driven digital transformations by making their data science an integral function that responds to business needs and improves productivity. If you missed it, all the sessions are available on-demand.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace, where you can see all our ISV partners that can help you leverage the open-source Kubernetes ecosystem and provide faster time to value.

And if you’re a developer interested in working with HPE to collaborate and build innovative solutions, you should CHECK OUT the HPE Developer Community. In the HPE DEV portal, you can find tools and assets to help you learn more about our technologies.

The HPE Ezmeral Runtime platform provides your business with more capabilities and features that allow you to increase the speed of application development, benefit from greater efficiencies and portability, and transform and modernize your applications.

HPE Ezmeral Runtime really is the app modernization platform your business has been seeking!

For more information about HPE Ezmeral Runtime or any of the HPE Ezmeral products, visit our webpages or contact your local sales rep!

1-  Gartner, “The Innovation Leader’s Guide to Navigating the Cloud-Native Container Ecosystem,” Arun Chandrasekaran, Wataru Katsurashima, August 18, 2021.


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