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HPE Ezmeral Learn On-Demand: Distributed Data Essentials and Apache Spark 3 on K8s

 5 new HPE Ezmeral Learn On-Demand courses now available

HPE Ezmeral Free courses.pngWhile working remotely during these past two years, you may have acquired a new and exciting habit: keeping your skills up to date. But finding good sites for clear, unbiased learning on high-value tech topics is not simple.

Not anymore. Just bookmark the site at HPE Ezmeral Learn On-Demand. It’s a free resource for interactive, on-demand courses on Apache Spark 3, cloud deployment, distributed data, AIML, and similar topics. You will no longer have to recruit brain muscles just to find stuff; you can save those muscles for some actual learning. 

The team at HPE Ezmeral Learn On-Demand recently released 5 new courses, designed to provide the mental workout you might be craving.

Distributed data essentials.PNGAs organizations adapt to the massive complexities and lightning speed of distributed data, it’s vital to understand the basics of this technology. This introductory course goes over distributed data definitions, how distributed data is used across global industries, and the fundamentals of transitioning from traditional to distributed data models. Learn the differences between common file systems, data access and management, and impacts on system performance. End with a module covering the key technical challenges entailed in moving away from an infrastructure-centric mentality to a data-first focus.  


Story of big data.pngThe story begins with a technical overview on the differences between local and distributed file systems, accompanied by a survey of related terms and concepts used when discussing big data. Presented next are a brief history of what we used to call big data, an overview on how and why data got so big, and the various technologies that evolved to handle it (from Google Bigtable to Apache Hadoop and now to the present day with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.)

This course introduces you to the basics of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric core components, technical features, and benefits. Following that are some industry solutions that outline how the data fabric has been deployed to effect transformative business outcomes in healthcare, agriculture, edge-to-cloud, retail, and more. 

Apache Spark 3 on K8s.pngApache Spark 3 on Kubernetes begins with a brief review of what Spark and Kubernetes are, then provides an outline of the benefits of using them together. Covered next are the deployment options and modes, followed by best practices on how to improve memory management.



This course covers cloud computing basics and reviews what to watch out for in transitioning from on prem to hybrid and cloud environments, along with how to prevent unnecessary expense, lock-in, or data silos. Next up is a summary of the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric features and how it supports data migration to enable application modernization and rapid data transformation. 

For those who have developed the habit of continual learning to stay competitive in your field, these five courses should help you on your journey. And for those who have not yet begun, it’s never too late to start. Sign up for a free course at HPE Ezmeral Learn On-Demand and learn more about technical topics that matter.

About the author:

SuzanneFerry.PNGSuzanne Ferry is the Director of Digital Learning for the HPE Ezmeral software business unit. This team creates free, on-demand courses covering timely topics such as Zero Trust Data Security, AI/ML, Data Fabric, and others.  



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