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HPE Ezmeral Wins 2021 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx

HPE Ezmeral is a proud winner of the 2021 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx, an industry analysis and advisory firm focused on digital transformation and the disruptive vendors that support it. 


HPE Ezmeral was recognized for its powerful and modern unified analytics software solutions that enable enterprises to deliver business value from their data through analytics, AI, and machine learning (ML).  

HPE Ezmeral is unique in that it addresses the real-life challenges organizations face when it comes to data analytics. The reality is many organizations do not have a data management infrastructure that can execute the necessary tasks to make data useful and actionable. That’s because most enterprises are still running legacy platforms and applications that were built for a pre-cloud era and lack cloud-native capabilities. And with lots of data silos, data warehouses, data lakes, and file shares, organizations are looking to rotate away from traditional analytics platforms and move to a more simplified approach to accessing and analyzing their data

HPE Ezmeral answers these challenges by delivering the industry’s first unified, modern, hybrid analytics and data lakehouse platform. Built on an open-source foundation, customers have a choice of opinionated stacks, certified ISV solutions, and the ability to build/bring their own open-source stack. Enterprises can now modernize their apps on an enterprise-grade platform that deploys Kubernetes at scale for a wide range of use cases on bare metal, VMs, in any cloud, or at the edge. Data analytics persona (e.g., data engineers, data scientists, and analysts) can access all their data where it is located, no matter their needs and preference of tools. HPE Ezmeral provides these unique capabilities that enable organizations to derive value from data without the IT overhaul. 

According to Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx, “We’re only interested in talking to vendors that are the most disruptive, interesting and customer value-generating, and your firm is now among them.” HPE Ezmeral was bestowed this award after making it through Intellyx’s rigorous selection process.

Since its introduction in June 2020, HPE Ezmeral has been recognized with numerous awards: 

We’re proud to add Intellyx to our trophy case and are honored to stand alongside other notable winners such as Honeycomb, Pepperdata, and SUSE. To see the final batch of Intellyx Digital Innovators for 2021, visit their awards page here


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