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Gartner HPE Ezmeral blog.jpgAnalytics, AI, and ML have become core technologies for every organization as evidenced by the fact that adoption of these technologies grew by 74% between 2019-2021[1].  A recent Gartner report delivers even more evidence that if these technologies are not core to your strategy today, you need to make a change. When you read this report, you will see the statistical correlation between organizations publicly committing to these technologies and their ability to report higher compounded annual growth in revenue, operating margin, and net income.

In all parts of the organization, data and analytics is playing a key role in optimizing competitive advantage and company resilience by helping businesses respond faster to change. Sign you up, right? 

The siloed data challenge

Your company can do some interesting things with analytics. But if you’re like most, there’s a problem.

It’s your data. It’s stored across different locations and is in different formats. It’s sprawled across and owned by multiple entities in different geographic areas. Each of these locations is known as a data silo, and they come with a multiplicative effect that inhibits your organization’s ability to harness data effectively. And this can’t be fixed through organizational hierarchy because there is no single executive accountable to manage data across entities.  

How do you stitch together different data types, systems, and solutions, then aggregate and normalize it fast enough to bring real-time value to the business?   

HPE Ezmeral: a multi-step approach

For many years, HPE Ezmeral has been helping organizations harness data’s value to transform their business. We understand the last thing you need is a solution that requires major data migration and retraining of your staff. That’s why we’re different from others who force data migration to the cloud or support only one type of data. Check out this ebook to read about our customer successes.  

  • HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

HPE Ezmeral enables a multi-step approach to analytics, AI, and ML. Start with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric to ingest different data types and formats into a logical, unified data layer. Then layer on open-source engines such as Apache Spark for real-time, in-place data analytics. And you don’t have to migrate anything because the data fabric ingests data from existing infrastructures such as data lakes, warehouses, multiple cloud platforms, edge, and data centers without having to refactor the data. It supports the most popular data and analytic APIs, which preserves the way both applications and users access data today. Have a Hadoop data lake or silos of object data? No problem; we support NFS, HDFS, and S3 APIs along with HBase and Kafka for streaming analytics. These are just a sample of the APIs, protocols, and languages supported.   

  • HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise

Want to containerize your traditional applications, then HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise may be just what you need. It is the industry’s first 100% open-source, hybrid container platform that spans edge to cloud helping enterprises modernize their apps on bare metal, VMs (spanning on-premises), multiple clouds, and at the edge. Build once and run anywhere.

  • HPE Ezmeral MLOps

Looking to operationalize your machine learning workflows from pilot to production? HPE Ezmeral MLOps delivers pre-packaged tools to do just that. Through self-service, data teams can instantiate sandbox environments, single or multi-node container environments for training, and then track and measure model performance. All options include built-in security and multi-tenancy to ensure data is protected and project teams don’t step on each other’s toes.

  • HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics

Ready to go the distance?  HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics delivers a unified platform that provides the freedom and flexibility to orchestrate apps and datasets on premises, edge, and cloud environments. Deliver faster analytics with HPE Ezmeral and NVIDIA RAPIDS to accelerate model development and build times for data scientists and engineers. Leverage the integrated software stacks of the most popular open-source tools such as Apache Spark, Delta Lake, Livy, and AirFlow.  If there are still gaps in your software stack, there is a complete marketplace of certified partners such as Dremio, Presto, and Starburst, to name a few. 

Data-first modernization with HPE Ezmeral

Data has always been key to your business’ success but now analytics, AI, and ML have joined the party. But you need to control and harness data across edge, cloud, and data centers. You need a flexible solution that provides many paths to get to the holy grail of value. HPE Ezmeral can reduce data accessibility headaches by unifying data across multiple sources while at the same time ensuring accuracy to increase confidence in business decisions. HPE Ezmeral can drive your data-first modernization so you can unlock the value of data wherever it lives.    

Read the report: Gartner® Predicts 2022: Data and Analytics Strategies Build Trust and Accelerate Decision Making.

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[1] 451 Research, 2021

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