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IT complexity is growing. What can be done?


HPE OneView reduces IT complexityHPE OneView reduces IT complexityCustomers all over the world have growing complex IT infrastructure environments. They are always looking for ways to simplify complexity, keep cost under control and continue to grow revenue. Most businesses cannot manage this on their own and are on the lookout for where others can help them. 

Find a more proactive way to manage infrastructure

With over 300 employees and 24 sales outlets, ELFETEX is one of the largest providers of wholesale electrical products in the Czech Republic. For nearly thirty years, ELFETEX has been dedicated to providing quality electrical products, expert advice, and services to businesses. Their central warehouse can fulfill orders of over a million products, including more than 25,000 products available for immediate delivery, but as their company grew, they needed a more centralized way to manage infrastructure across their network.

Until recently, ELFETEX’s existing IT management software was not delivering the streamlined management and actionable insights they needed to properly manage several servers and storage systems across multiple locations. “We didn’t have a centralized management system for our servers, so I didn’t know when something was malfunctioning,” explains Karel Becvar, IT Specialist at ELFETEX. “I wasn’t connecting with every server every day, so it could be days before I knew there was a problem.”

The solution to a simplified and centralized management platform

IT infrastructure management is vital to any company, and reducing complexity is becoming more of a priority. Some benefits of reducing IT complexity is that it allows businesses to save time, money and the stress from having multiple silos of infrastructure being managed separately. 

ELFETEX needed a better way to track, update, and deploy their servers and storage systems. The company needed a unified infrastructure management solution that could reduce complexity for their IT environment. This type of solution would help enable IT administrators to automate management and maintenance tasks from a unified API. ELFETEX was looking for a solution that would simplify updates with proactive insights and delivers frictionless updates of servers, storage arrays, and networking connectivity.

After comparing several infrastructure management solutions from different vendors, ELFETEX chose HPE OneView. “There are two main reasons why we chose HPE OneView,” says Becvar.  “One is the centralized monitoring capabilities, which helps me resolve issues more rapidly.”

“The second reason is efficiency.” He explains, “We have a fleet of seventeen different servers. With HPE OneView, I can view all my servers to deploy packages and drivers from one location instead of individually, which saves me time.”

Better insights, faster response

In the first few months of using HPE OneView, ELFETEX began realizing significant benefits in production and time savings. “I save about 40% of my time in managing my servers,” explains Becvar. “Processes that used to take days now take minutes.” 

Additionally, ELFETEX has experienced significantly reduced downtime for firmware and driver updates. According to Becvar, updating servers and drivers is 60% faster using HPE OneView compared to their previous solution. “HPE OneView is centralized, fast, and easy to use. I no longer need to manually check servers every day. It saves me time, so I can focus on other, more strategic business needs, and sets us up well for the future.”

The future with HPE OneView

Just as ELFETEX has seen the value of HPE OneView, more customers are looking to the infrastructure management solution to help reduce complexity in their IT infrastructure. HPE hit a milestone (one million HPE OneView licenses sold) and HPE OneView 4.1 received CRN’s 2018 Product of the Year award in the enterprise software category.

To learn more about HPE OneView and how it can help reduce your IT complexity, take a look at the popular HPE OneView for Dummies Guide, or the IDC Business Value of HPE OneView. HPE also offers a FREE 60-day trial of HPE OneView advanced.


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