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Illuminate dark data to fuel financial insight

HPE Ezmeral Intel dark data size.pngThe rising number of security threats is challenging the way financial services institutions manage, secure, and use their data. The financial services industry (FSI) is one of the most data-intensive industries in the global economy, and widespread cybersecurity threats are among their top concerns. Financial institutions account for 62% of all data exposed to cybercriminals. Since 2020, the industry has experienced a 300% increase in cybercrimes.

These staggering figures are forcing data scientists to acknowledge a critical security blind spot—dark data. This type of unused data is acquired routinely by systems, devices, and processes throughout your organization. Over half an organization's data is dark, including customer information, log files, financial statements, account details, previous employee information, surveillance footage, email correspondences, and raw survey data. Dark data opens up FSI operations to incredible risks. In fact, 81% of organizations think their visibility and control of data is unsatisfactory, and 83% believe dark data is impacting data security.

Without a robust data management strategy, valuable information that could help improve security analytics goes unused. Data scientists are hard at work to extract more value from data, turning insights into real-time actions to solve the most pressing security threats and risks. Data analytics plays a major role in securing operational processes and workflows that allow teams to work quickly and effectively. However, today’s data center demands are outpacing their current security solutions:

  • Capacity constraints

Data centers are at capacity, while infrastructure is underutilized. The need for more infrastructure is resulting in higher cost of capital and more resources to maintain.

  • Backlog of demand

Timely insight into operations is key to streamline processes, heighten security, and keep costs in line, but the increase in application deployments and network traffic create significantly more digital exhaust.

  • Complex operations

Traditional IT delivery processes and consumption models are outdated, which significantly lengthen deployment times and add wasteful cost and complexity.

Advancements in high-performance computing technologies and analytics tools enable data scientists to derive faster intelligence from massive data sets (including dark data) to mitigate risk. However, organizations are struggling to leverage these capabilities without the right underlying IT environment. Adopting resilient technologies is vital to improve data utilization and streamline risk management. Financial institutions need a new type of IT environment that will enable them to gain deeper insight, when and where they need it.

Choosing a trusted partner

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is modernizing financial services with adaptive next-generation, security solutions. We help you access data on demand to accelerate actionable insight. And by partnering with Intel®, we offer innovative solutions that fortify your data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability, so you can work without data bounds.

The Data Analytics Platform for FSI from HPE is the foundation for risk management success. The platform provides advanced analytics, game-changing visibility into your operations, and cost efficiencies--both on premises and off premises. Solutions from HPE and Intel are tightly integrated to shrink your infrastructure footprint with a loosely coupled architecture that independently scales search heads, indexers, and storage.

The Data Analytics Platform for FSI features a workload-optimized infrastructure built on HPE Apollo Gen10 systems and HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers. HPE systems are tuned for concurrent indexing, eliminating bottlenecks as you execute diverse data analytics tasks. These platform are powered by 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors with built-in AI acceleration and security features to address today’s most pressing data protection concerns without impacting response times or overall system performance. The latest generation processors achieve dramatic improvements in throughput over prior generations, including up to 1.64 times more database transactions per minute. Combined with the HPE Silicon Root of Trust, you can work with the utmost speed and confidence on the industry’s most secure industry standard servers.

Simplifying your deployment 

The Data Analytics Platform uses HPE Ezmeral software that unlocks the potential of your data to operate smarter and faster than ever. HPE Ezmeral delivers the right controls and policies built in, so you can quickly deploy infrastructure that is hybrid, open, and secure. The platform brings cloud agility to all your data and analytics workflows while implementing open source technologies that makes it simple to run, control, and secure financial applications from edge to cloud. Now, you tap into new data sources as your organization grows for frictionless access to trillions of files.

As the industry’s first enterprise-grade Kubernetes-based container platform, HPE Ezmeral enables you to share, analyze, and instantly act on critical financial insight anywhere. The ability to run Kubernetes applications—analyzing and processing data natively—allows you to spin up new instances and search processes with a press of a button, with extensive policy-based privilege management to easily tailor access and trust levels for your financial teams and data spaces.

HPE GreenLake lets financial institutions choose how to acquire and consume these breakthrough solutions, either on premises, colocation, or multi-cloud. You benefit from a cloud experience that HPE can manage for you, letting you focus on your data initiatives. HPE GreenLake offers a Kubernetes-built container platform as a service (PaaS) with the option to pay per use, so you can free up capital and boost operational performance. Cloud services are supported by a broad ISV ecosystem for validated applications, including Kubernetes PaaS for Splunk, to create a streamlined data analytics platform. Now, data scientists can deploy new indexer and search heads in a matter of minutes and scale out across all available information.

Lighting up your dark data with HPE

Data analytics is shaping the future of financial services by expanding visibility into your critical data. HPE is working closely with institutions to deliver increasingly agile, scalable infrastructure to accelerate data analytics at scale. Our cutting-edge solutions with Intel are designed to help you illuminate dark data and extract comprehensive insight on demand to improve risk management, enhance data security measures, and fuel operational performance.

Real-time intelligence will transform how you manage risk. Contact HPE today to learn how to light up your data.

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