HPE Ezmeral: Uncut

Ready to become a superhero? Build an ML model with Spark on HPE Ezmeral right now.

HPE-Ezmeral-Software-SuperHero.pngTHWIP! ZOOM! BAM! KAPOW!

I feel like a Stan Lee superhero these days because I spend a lot of time in an alternate universe – the world of containerized applications orchestrated by CNCF Kubernetes and managed by HPE Ezmeral software.

It’s quite a strange universe indeed – populated by monstrously huge data lakes all over the web-o-sphere and strange beings made of YAML and JSON stuffs. Massive beasts of artificial intelligence demand you feed them using the power of Jupyter. I travel from cell to cell in my Jupyter fortress wielding a mighty weapon forged from PySpark and slice through transformational data storms with Livy at my side. Are you ready to enter this alternate universe?

Come try out the latest updates to the HPE Ezmeral Interactive Demo Experience. You will see for yourself how to (in reality, and in this universe) build a fairly straightforward and simple example of a machine learning model – using Apache Spark running as a Kubernetes Operator in an HPE Ezmeral managed cluster and namespace. 


EXCELSIOR! Upward and onward it goes! This latest release of the Interactive Demo Experience is a great way to instantly interact with HPE Ezmeral Software.

For this blog, let’s turn our attention to the demo experience located in the very center: Apache Spark on Ezmeral. Follow along as I guide you on getting started.

Step 1Step 1



Step 1: Click this demo pictured on the left. (Very center of the image above.) If on mobile, touch anywhere within that demo section.



Step 2Step 2






Step 2: Next, click/touch the “Build an Apache Spark ML Model”. 


Step 3Step 3


Step 3: As with previous iterations of this demo, you may select either “Guided Demo” (that walks you through all the steps in the demo with a nice narration explaining things as it proceeds automatically), or you can choose my favorite option, which is the “Interactive Demo”.



Step 4Step 4

Step 4: Here we see our sign-in window. An orange box will appear if you don’t do anything for a few seconds; this is to prompt you to interact with the product. You will also notice a little green triangular shape at the top of the window. If you select that arrow, you will see a few icons. 



Tip: Click the green triangle at the top of any demo screen to access a menu to go back to the home screen or turn off those orange boxes or get some more information about the demo itself.

Step 5Step 5


Step 5: Click into the “Username” and the “Password” boxes. The demo will fill in your Active Directory authenticated user credentials for you. 





I won’t give you any more spoilers -- I’ll let you go experience the Interactive Demo Experience for yourself! I can tell you that in just a few more clicks you will be running Apache Spark and transforming data into a machine learning model. So, go check it out! Here’s a link to get to the demo; Let me know what you think!


Learn more by going to the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and the main HPE Ezmeral Software web pages. 


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