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Sustaining business growth through data-driven offerings to job seekers and employers

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the work landscape. Across the globe, remote work, hybrid workplaces, and flexibility have become the new standard.

HPE-Data-Fabric-NewWork-Success-Story.jpgAs the fallout of the pandemic continues, we are seeing new and evolving trends in the labor market. With the rise of remote work, there is a growing pool of work from anywhere candidates. As a result, many Gen X employees are facing the need to pivot or learn new skills to compete. Surveys show numerous millennials are prioritizing working for companies with a diverse and inclusive workforce that afford the opportunity for social impact. New graduates, who have not been able to attend in-person career fairs or gain work experience through summer internships, are experiencing career launch setbacks and a greater reliance on social networking sites to build their networks. And according to a recent article from Forbes, while remote job postings have doubled during the pandemic, the number of job seekers who want to work from home far outnumber the jobs available.

To adapt to this new and unprecedented work landscape, access to the right technology and the right data has never been more critical. Job seekers need to create and maintain their profiles so that they can be quickly found by hiring managers and recruiters. Employers need a way to match the most qualified candidates from a large global talent pool with the right job openings to drive growth. They must be able to analyze the profile of candidates, query their availability for remote, hybrid, or in-person work, and quickly deliver a shortlist of the most suitable candidates.

NEW WORK SE, a professional networking services site, is an example of a company successfully adapting to the changes in the work landscape. Based in Hamburg, Germany, NEW WORK (meaning “work that you really, really want to do”) sustains business growth through data-driven offerings to job seekers and employers. NEW WORK turned to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) when they “needed a stable, massively scalable, and easy to manage environment for keeping huge amounts of raw data accessible for analytics.”

HPE-DataFabric-Analytics-Success.jpgHPE’s unified data fabric platform offering, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, empowers NEW WORK to respond to the new and evolving trends in the labor market by enabling them to deploy a flexible, fast, and scalable data platform that accelerates data insights and analytics. Job seekers can optimize their presentation such that they can quickly be found by recruiters. Employers can fill vacancies much faster than conventional recruiting processes would.

By deploying HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, NEW WORK can:

  • Provide subscribers—job seekers and employers—with actionable recommendations driven by algorithms  using relevant data (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured) extracted from a vast lake of raw data.
  • Keep customers’ data segregated in line with data privacy legislation.
  • Overcome performance issues by leveraging a file system that handles a wide variety of workloads, including snapshots and even backup mechanisms.
  • Ingest, store, manage, and analyze rapidly growing volumes of data—all in one place, reducing admin and maintenance time.
  • Enable analysts, data scientists, and developers to run multiple use cases on a single cluster rather than relying on a separate cluster for each use case.

Read the customer case study, Accelerating Data Insight for a Better Work Life, to learn how NEW WORK is benefiting from the capabilities of a highly performant and intuitive-to-use data platform to provide the solution to today’s shifting work landscape.

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