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Three advantages of a data fabric for retailers

Small jpg asset ID 10237 Data fabric for retailers.jpgA recent online shopping experience made me pause and left me feeling disappointed. After extensive online research for cookware, I proceeded with my order, only to find out two days later the order could not be fulfilled. As this was not a typical experience for me, I reluctantly decided to look elsewhere for a substitute product. Poor online experiences such as this could have tremendous consequences to a retailer’s profitability if left unaddressed. 

Fortunately for retailers today, this scenario can be avoided. It simply requires a more flexible way of curating, analyzing, and managing your data in real time --regardless of its location.

The devastating repercussions of the pandemic have required retailers to adjust business practices in unprecedented ways to maintain profitability. In addition to the immense historical data repositories currently compiled by merchants, the explosion of data created at the edge has created an incredible strategic opportunity for those businesses willing to embrace change and invest in resilience.

To provide a positive customer experience through volatile economic conditions, technology innovations that improve operational requirements can be leveraged. Real-time inventory updates and proactive supply chain visibility across networks of franchises (or even local instances such as automated checkouts) can enhance the customer experience.

To keep up with this digital transformation, businesses can deploy a data fabric to enable a comprehensive data and storage management strategy that accurately records widespread inventory and creates the ability to identify and respond to customer behaviors, in real time. Streamlined and scalable operations across the edge, data center, and cloud environments provide the opportunity to rapidly adjust to fluctuating market conditions and drive profitability.

Three aspects of the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric solution can help retailers have a more resilient organization.   

1) Comprehensive data collection is paramount  

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric  is designed to provide a single platform environment for collecting, curating, and analyzing the full range of data needed to power a digitally transformed enterprise.[1]

Harnessing the various forms of data across the organization in a unifying data platform introduces a complete repository in a secure and scalable architecture. This unique data infrastructure provides universal multi-API access to data stored in the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, making it possible to run modern AI and analytics applications alongside legacy programs. In addition, the unified data platform delivers a preeminent view of the business, which empowers decision makers to not only meet the data needs of current business-critical processes, but it also invites discovery of potential new revenue streams.   

2) Real-time insights are crucial in many business situations

The digital retail experience necessitates instantaneous information. As demonstrated in the opening example, businesses operating at the edge must calculate the opportunity cost of delayed information.   Real-time analytics through multiple applications using different data types and data formats enable precise operational adjustments such as those for inventory management, supplier cost calculations and forecasting. HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric  provides this wide accessibility along with extremely high throughput to meet the needs of low latency processes. This capability is an essential way to operate in the “start-and-stop economy” of today.

3) New revenue streams can enable future growth  

Becoming data driven means leveraging comprehensive data to uncover new patterns of customer behavior. To effectively identify unique behaviors it requires flexibility of data access. Both familiar and new tools and applications can be introduced without having to re-architect your system - a key advantage of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric. New revenue streams developed from production scale analysis of business and customer attributes can unlock the potential for growth, potentially on a global scale.

Regardless of whether you have expanded globally, the benefits of a flexible architecture cannot be ignored. These advantages include the handling of multiple data sources and numerous access methods for analytical tool utilization, all in a comprehensive fashion.  

Remember, those “Order cannot be fulfilled” emails can often be avoided. In the very least, notification and an option for substitution can be offered without delay. The operational requirements of today’s retailers demand innovation with resiliency. Data infrastructure to support that, now and for future needs, is a worthwhile investment.

If you are considering adopting a data fabric for your digital transformation initiatives, I encourage you to read If HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric is the Answer, What is the Question? 

To learn more, watch on-demand sessions from the recent event, HPE Ezmeral \\ Analytics Unleashed. Boost your analytics factory into hyperdrive. And don’t forget to register for HPE’s upcoming World Watch -- Data motion at scale: The untold story on April 7th.


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[1] IDC White Paper, sponsored by HPE, Taking a Short Path to Value: The Business Value of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric , doc #US45364719, January 2020

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