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HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU)
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small monitoring daemon (SMD) does not start on some nodes

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small monitoring daemon (SMD) does not start on some nodes

we are using CMU 4.1 with redhat 5.4.


added 6 new nodes to the cluster (total 16 nodes now),  but i can not get "SMD"  started on the new nodes (SMD runs on the old nodes without any problem).


checked root level passwordless ssh connection from the head node to the new nodes works (both ways). all nodes are in the same network entity group. cmu_cn installed on the new nodes.  all the nodes have the same image installed.


there is no cmu log file generated on these new client nodes, i cannot find any info under head node logs regarding this either.


is there any way to see how cmu_start_monitoring establish connections to each node? is there any way manually start SMD on the client from head node to see if it gives any error.







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Re: small monitoring daemon (SMD) does not start on some nodes

OK. I found the solution.  But CMU is acting kind of strange here.  Our version is very old, probably this has been fixed in the new versions.


If i have 1 Network Entity Group, and add all 16 nodes (cn01 - cn16) to this group.  

Dynamic Monitoring (CPU, etc) works only for nodes  cn01 thru cn10 (SMD doesn't start up at nodes cn11-cn16)


If I have 2 Network Entity Groups and  divide nodes such as  10 nodes to group 1 and  6 nodes to group 2,

then dynamic monitoring for all nodes is working (SMD kicks in all nodes)


But if I divide nodes equally  8 for each group, then again only cn01 thru cn10 works.  strange!?

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Re: small monitoring daemon (SMD) does not start on some nodes

Hi Erkan,

I didn't work with CMU 4.x version. But the latest versions of CMU (i.e., CMU 5.x or CMU 7.x) doesn't have this strange behaviour. This issue had been fixed in latest versions.

-Pradeep A.
(Insight CMU Support Team)