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CS1000 Deduplication support

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CS1000 Deduplication support

I have a customer with a CS1000 running version 5.07 and it states in CLI admin guide that it supports deduplication.

Can anyone confirm this is currently is supported and works . As looking at array no option for dedup appears

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Re: CS1000 Deduplication support


Dedupe is imminent for the CS1000, but I believe it may be in rather than (will need to check).

However, the CS1K is an entry system, so it's worth checking the CPU utilisation in Infosight to see if it's capable of running it without over-running it. as it could cause performance issues for front-end IO.

The CS1000 supports up to 10TB worth of deduplicated data, and like all Nimble hybrid arrays running dedupe, requires a minimum of 6x SSDs and 12% Flash to Disk (FDR) ratio. If they don't have 6 SSDs, or their FDR is too low, then dedupe won't be allowed to be switched on.

Dedupe is only available on new data that lands on the array, it's not post-process. Therefore, the customer will need to create new volumes and migrate the data via a host in order to see the benefits of dedupe.

Finally, if you're a HPE partner, I emplore you to check out TechPro - https://techpro.hpe.com. There are dedicated forums for partners for subjects of your choice to which you can subscribe to.

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