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Confusion on Nimble storage compression & data savings

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Confusion on Nimble storage compression & data savings

Hi All,

Im new to this Nimble storage and im quite confused about this topic,Could someone clear my doubts?

We are using CS3000 series and the total capacity is just 30.06 TB and we already used capacity is 26.23 TB.

When i select the volumes,i see overall volumes size is 96.00 TB(Including all volumes) however my overall total capacity is 30.06 TB. I mean 66.06 TB has been over provisioned.

As per the attached screenshot,total savings is listed as 75.42 TB,thin provisioning savings as 65.01 TB, data reduction as 10.41 TB.

I like to know why it is showing like this ? Also i would to know how we are calcluating the compression ratio ???

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Re: Confusion on Nimble storage compression & data savings

So, if your provisioning your volumes in vCenter as Thin or Thick Lazy Zero, then nothing is written to the disk and Nimble shows it as provisioned, but free.  You might also check your Volume Reserve and Snapshot Reserve settings by going to the Administration menu and selecting Space. Those should be set to zero, but if they're not that could be contributing to what you're seeing.

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Re: Confusion on Nimble storage compression & data savings


I recommend you upgrade to NimbleOS 4.x or 5.x as we represent the space savings a bit better.

However, this is what it's telling you:

You've provisioned 101TiB of data volumes on the array.

You've written 26.23TiB of data to the volumes after Data Reduction (10.41TiB saved thanks to Compression & Pattern Matching). Pre-Reduction, the amount of data written was 31.44TIB.

The rest (75.42TiB) is reported as whitespace savings through Thin Provisioning.

Hope this helps!

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