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HF20H NimbleOS Upgrade

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HF20H NimbleOS Upgrade

We have an HF20H running and we have downloaded and ready to install.

We have three vSphere hosts running ESXi 6.5 with all the latest updates and patches and also installed NCM 7.0

We don't do many NimbleOS upgrades and this is our only array on which we run anything.

Is there anything I should look out for before doing the NimbleOS upgrade?

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Re: HF20H NimbleOS Upgrade


As long as NCM is installed (and NWT/NLT on any physical Windows and Linux servers) then you should be good to go. The update has a built-in precheck solution which will try and catch anything that would be detrimental to the system during the upgrade.

There is newer updates you can go to if you wish - is our most recent GA release, or 5.0.10.x if you wish to be more conservative.

Nick Dyer
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