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Re: NImble array failure

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NImble array failure

How many HDDs could fail on the Nimble before it is a problem ?
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Re: NImble array failure

From the manual -

The HPE Nimble Storage array is designed to be highly available, with redundant components. With Triple+ Parity RAID, an Adaptive Flash array continues serving data with up to two independent HDD failures. At the RAID level, three drives are dedicated to parity, which is striped evenly across the RAID group. Data is reconstructed from parity onto the replacement disk when the failed drive is replaced.

I believe the AFxx/AFxxx models can sustain a extra failure as they don't use the full capacity of the SSD and have a floating drive. 

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Re: NImble array failure

Each Nimble shelf is it's own Triple+ parity RAID. Therefore each shelf in a Nimble platform can suffer the loss of 2 drives (HF) or 3 drives (AF) with no data loss.

You can see this for yourself using the HPE Storage 3D hardware app. Select Nimble, either AF or HF, then select the "resilliency" tab.

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