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Nimble Storage Virtual Array

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Nimble Storage Virtual Array

Is the Virtual Array still available?  I land on a blank page when attempting to connect from within InfoSight.  Thanks, Scott Fast Private Info Erased 

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Re: Nimble Storage Virtual Array



I tried just now and it worked fine


There is a pop-up when you press the link so maybee enable pop-ups

version now is (GAC) 2017-09-06



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Re: Nimble Storage Virtual Array

I work for a HPE partner in Germany.

Some weeks ago I was on a HPE Nimble Event.
We got introduced to the System, its features, to InfoSight and the Virtual Array software was mentioned and that we could get it through Infosight.

So I applied for an account, got it granted and looked into the docs as I was interested in the array integrations with snapshots, VMware and so on and wanted to gain real experience before introducing it to customers.
Then I looked for the Virtual Array software, but could not find it.

I asked my local contacts in Germany, but did not get an answer at all.

This week I opened a call though InfoSight and asked for access to the software.
It as denied:
"""Unfortunately, I can't grant access to the virtual array to anybody other than HPE employees."""

Instead I should go to a site named "surveymonkey" and ask for access to a remote lab.

Well ... that web page is awwful! It uses the same painfull "dimmed text on white background" that I see in other areas.
And it uses useless "hoover-over" effects which are confusing and distracting!

Then I am supposed to fill in an endless page with lots of data in the hope to get granted a 24-hour slot (do they REALLY beleive I would try it 24 hours???) on a crowded system.

OK, so no more in-depth working with Nimble.

Have a nice day and Good-Bye!