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Postgres on Nimble

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Postgres on Nimble


I am running an AF60 All Flash nimble array with centos VM's on VMWare 6.7. We have SQL Server VMs running using the recommendations (drive layout, performance profiles etc) from the document below 

- HPE NImble Storage Deployment Considerations for MSSQL Server (May 2017)

We are now setting up a Postgres cluster running on Centos and are looking for a similar document from Nimble. Does one exist please? 

My thoughts\experience are that most database solutions run well with an 8kb blocksize and that the "SQL Server Data Performance Profile" and "SQL Server Log Performance Profile" could be a good starting point for Postgres (in preference to the standard Nimble profile).

But we are really looking for a recommendation from Nimble. Are there are any recommendations for performance profiles for Postgres?

Many thanks

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Re: Postgres on Nimble

Hi, good day.

We don't have a formal deployment considerations guide for Postgres SQL, but that being said - databases function at 8kb block sizes by design.

Referring to this site, it notes that with Postgres you can define the DB block size on creation. The default is most likely 8k, but you can change if you want. I personally wouldn't and keep at 8kb. The log files will be 4kb.

I personally would create a new performance policy for Postgres with 8kb blocks, cache/compression/dedupe on and be done with it

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