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Storage Different between Nimble and Vcenter

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Storage Different between Nimble and Vcenter



We have a problem with the space declared between our Nimble and our Vcenter.

To explain I will take an example : 

We have one LUN of 2To on Vcenter, VM on it use 1.75To at the moment so we have an alert. On the Nimble, we have 600Go used for this 2To.

If you multiply this example by the number of our LUN (~15 LUN), we lost much storage....

We have an idea but we don't know if that can work : If we resize the LUN for 1To on the Nimble, we will have 600Go/1To used. Contrariwise, I think that can cause a bug if we do the analyse of the storage...

Someone can help ?

Thank you !


Re: Storage Different between Nimble and Vcenter

Hi Antonin_H

I would kindly request you to get in touch with the Tech Support with the serial number to know what exactly is happening on the array.

To be more precise,  Depending on the array model that you should be either running compression, or running compression and dedupe. What happens is that the file system (vmfs - Vmware) in this instance know how much space it is using on the datastore.   What the file system is not aware of is how the blocks are being handled on the array side.  Meaning when we compress the blocks or dedupe the blocks the space saving for that is reflected on the space used on the array.


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