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Unable to see Shadow copies

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Unable to see Shadow copies

Hi - There is a dedicated volume presented as a datastore for File Server Virtual machine (Vmware 6.7) and file data. We have standalone DFS srtucutre for file data. How do we enable shadow copy to make data restoration easier for our users.


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Re: Unable to see Shadow copies

Hi Ittalk,

Inside your Windows file server virtual machine, you'd need to enable shadow copies on the disk that's storing your shared folder(s). It's got nothing to do with the Nimble Storage. I found this web page that illustrates the process. Does that help?

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Re: Unable to see Shadow copies


This functionality would only be available for systems that are presenting SMB shares. As NImble is a block device, it wouldn't mount up VSS Previous Versions natively. There's nothing stopping you enabling Previous Versions natively within Windows for the file shares.

I would recommend doing the following:

VSS Previous Versions -> Windows File Server based snaps, retain for <7 days (not many users are going to restore files order than 7 days).

Nimble snapshots -> Nimble based snapshots, retain for >>30 days (up to a year, or longer). Restore file objects via helpdesk or something such as UFS Explorer, Veeam or Commvault.

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