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dHCI host ip address assignment


dHCI host ip address assignment

we are planning on deploying a dHCI solution with eight DL360 gen10 servers. They wil connect to a Cisco Nexus environment. We looked at the deployment process and were wondering how the deployment wizzard performs the logic of assigning the last octet of the management IP address range. 

During the deployment process, the hosts get discovered after getting a temporary IP from DHCP, we can select the hosts we want to deploy in a new cluster. But how can we for example make sure a certain ip address is assigned to a specific server? I want to avoid losing all logic and have my IP addresses scrambled at random. So top server in rack needs first ip address in the sepcified range, but how to make sure this happens?

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Re: dHCI host ip address assignment


you can not know the server order. it is random. what you can do is start with 3 servers and arange them.

and after that start adding the servers one by one or in pairs.

another option is to make this a brownfield installation that is make it and existing cluster

to do this you need a vcenter  can be installed on the local drive of one of the servers.

then create your cluster assighn IP addreses for managment and create the two ISCSI Vswitches

also enable SSH connection and install the correct version of NCM.

the advantge of this is that you can install latest versions of Vsphere 7 instead of stating with 6.7


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Re: dHCI host ip address assignment

This is indeed an annoying aspect of the dHCI setup. I think, however, that the setup wizard will allow you to create the cluster with just one host. Then you can add the other hosts one at a time. Tedious, to be sure - but better than having to physically rearrange servers to get them in IP address order, if that's important to you.

Also, be aware that the setup cannot re-use the temporary IP addresses that are initially assigned to the servers. They really do need to be temporary.


Re: dHCI host ip address assignment

ok that's really annoying. The wizzard should just at a minimum be able to let you assign an IP to a certain server serialnumber or something like that.

Assuming we can create a cluster with just one host, we will proceed with adding the other 7 hosts in order.