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Re: dHCI - vSphere shipped versions

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dHCI - vSphere shipped versions

we are about to receive a Nimble Gen5 HF40 dHCI solution with DL360 Gen10 servers. What version of ESXi vSphere can we anticipate for to be installed from the factory? We need to be on the latest and greatest (7.x) before going into production, so i need to see what i need to do to get there.


Re: dHCI - vSphere shipped versions

DHCI has a single-click update facility this will update versions, The current version is 17867351 for ESXi build.

Even if the version is older it is quite simple to update the version and a good test to see the Single-click update in action.

You can via infosight  the current builds in the validated-configuration-matrix/Single click update catalog, 




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Re: dHCI - vSphere shipped versions

Just in case a one-click doesn't work for you I thought I'd post this so you know you are not alone. We have a greenfield dHCI with 4 DL325 servers and an HF60. It came with 6.7 and we wanted to upgrade to 7.0 before moving anything onto the array. Basically the one-click upgrade failed. It managed to do 1 server of the four and left the others in an unknown state and got itself completely confused. Our VAR didn't know what to do and it took a couple of weeks for Nimble support to 'fix' it, which turned out to be doing the upgrade manually. Working now, but I wouldn't want to do a one-click upgrade in a production environment which makes the while thing a bit of a lab exercise. As an example of what was happening Nimble support (who were extremely helpful) at one stage were using Fiddler in a browser to change the javascript on the fly. Didn't inspire confidence.