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Old School Blues


Working at my main client, so far we have only migrated the HQ datacenter to Nimble (2x460+3 shelves). At the DR location we are still using a set of EqualLogic arrays, one of whom we moved from HQ when we migrated. Working on getting that setup straightened out today (and over the past few days) has been a real reminder of how much I appreciate the performance of the new Nimble setup we have at HQ. Also, the 15TB volume limit that EQL has is a real challenge when you are dealing with as much seismic and geological data as we are. Definitely looking forward to the day we migrate the DR site to Nimble and start taking advantage of the native replication for DR. Until then, we are using a terrific product from Zerto to manage the replication. Overall it works very well, but replicating our geological data server, which is north of 30TB, has been somewhat of a challenge. Definitely check it out if you need near real time replication.

Virtualization Lead Architect
BEMA Information Technologies
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