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The Docker Store introduces validated 3rd party solutions for Enterprise IT


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Photo Credit: Docker Blog

Gartner says 70% IT organizations planning a private PaaS will deploy a container service instead. 1 IDC predicts that achieving portability and hardware efficiency for traditional applications will be the most popular production use for containers in the next four years. 2 Both agree that DevOps adoption is accelerating for enterprises. 3,4 

Whether you think Docker containers are for IT, DevOps, or both, the benefits are impossible to ignore. Containers have long been popular with developers. Yet enterprise IT teams have had many questions about how to best adopt containers for mainstream use. Here are some top questions in the minds of customers and prospects:

  1. What tools can help me secure, manage, and govern my data, applications, and environment? Where do I find them?
  2. How much time and effort will it take to evaluate each of these tools and technologies, and integrate them into a working system?
  3. How much of the support burden will fall on my team if these technologies don’t work as expected?
  4. How do I choose a foundation that not only meets today’s requirements, but will also benefit from lasting future community innovation and support?
  5. When containerizing mainstream applications, how will I store, move, and manage their production data?

Find the answers to these questions on the Nimble Storage blog.

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